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Standards-Based Curriculum and Resources

The FCEE offers K-12 educators over 80 publications of the Council for Economic Education, suitable for every grade level. All publications provide classroom-tested, teacher-designed lesson plans and use activities, simulations, multimedia content and background readings to give students applied, hands-on experience with economics principles. In addition, educators can access the CEE’s free database of thousands of economics lesson plans, searchable by topic and grade level:

Teacher Workshops and Centers for Economic Education

The Florida Council on Economic Education and its University partners are committed to helping teachers make each and every economics class a success. Currently, the FCEE supports 5 Centers for Economic Education that train K-12 teachers in economics, entrepreneurship, personal finance and the free enterprise system. All training is correlated to Florida’s Next Generation…

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Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom is a road map of the perilous highways and bi-ways of the personal finance world. Though the landscape has changed, success in navigating still remains an achievable goal. A person who attains financial freedom scales that summit by making sound choices, staying true to themselves, living within or even below their means, paying themselves first, and remaining…

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Florida Stock Market Challenge

Established more than 20 years ago, the Florida Stock Market Challenge gives K-12 students the opportunity to participate in an online investment simulation and manage a hypothetical $100,000 investment portfolio. Students throughout the state compete for the best portfolio performance and are awarded prizes at the end of both…

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Economic Poster Contest

Open to all K-12 Students statewide, the Economic Poster Contest is a fun activity to introduce basic economic concepts int he classroom. Students pick from a list of provided terms and draw an 8.5 x 11 in picture that represents that concept. Winners will be picked each fall and spring semester.

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Many of today’s students arrive in class with headphones on, listening to the latest hit song or watching the newest viral video. They often question learning material that they can simply “Google” and struggle with applying textbook concepts to the world around them. As educators, we are continually struggling to find ways to reach each of these students by engaging them in the learning process. Rockonomix, a student-produced music video parody project, helps motivate student learning by using popular media to reinforce basic economic principles.

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 Online Resources

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