Teacher Spotlight


Tazeen Rashid took home First Place in the Personal Financial Literacy category, high school division at the 2017 Governor’s Award Program For Excellence in Teaching Economics, for her project: “FLIP: Financial Literacy Internship Program”. Her project was chosen for its hands-on engaging approach to teaching economics to her AP Micro and Macro high school students. Tazeen’s project provided her students with a chance to think about their future careers with applications in personal finance and economics. Students were given a chance to intern at the district comptroller’s office, participate in national and state competitions, and even get certified in financial literacy. To see Tazeen’s winning project application, click below.

PROJECT APPLICATION: “FLIP: Financial Literacy Internship Program”

School: Suncoast High School

School District: Palm Beach County

Subject: AP/IB Economics

Grade Level: 11 & 12th grade

Number of Years Teaching: 11

When did you know you wanted to be a teacher? 2006

If you weren’t teaching what would you do?
Work for economic development at grassroots with a local or international NGO.

What’s your favorite topic to teach?

What’s the hardest topic to teach?

Why do you think Economics and Personal Finance are important to learn?
Personal Finance teaches students to be rational by examining the consequences of their financial choices in an informed manner. In the short run this allows students to use the basic concept of Economics, which is making rational decisions, into practice. In the long run, they learn to be better citizens thus helping themselves and the economy. Additionally, students love and want to learn about personal finance.

How has the FCEE impacted your teaching?
I have used a lot of the resources shared by FCEE to enhance the fun and practical aspects of the theories learnt. Most importantly FCEE has offered many competitions and simulations that my students have really enjoyed participating in. Each year my students get the opportunity to participate and win and this keeps the excitement alive!

What’s your favorite FCEE resource or program?
There are a few. My personal favorite one was the Competition of Decision Making Ethically (C.O.D. E). It helped us to really have fun with our IB curriculum where we have to examine the impact of decisions on all stakeholders, environment and justice in production. CODE allowed this at a practical level and students learnt how the impact of their decision on other variables can feed back into their own profits and success in the long run. It showed how important it is to make decisions that are sustainable not only in terms of economic resources and environment but also in terms of relationships with stakeholders. This gave a more ‘human’ touch to the study of economics showing that the concept of ‘self-interest’ involves others’ wellbeing as well and that ‘self-interest’ is not equal to ‘selfishness’. In this way students learnt to be ethical. It also promoted interdisciplinary links between economics and ethics, economics and TOK (Theory of Knowledge – a required class for IB Diploma) etc. Additionally, the requirement of collaborating with a local business partner expanded our horizon and helped us connect to our community. Finally, this program gave a wealth of valuable well planned lessons to teachers on economic concepts applied at a practical level.

Stock Market Challenge has also been a favorite of most students as they want to learn more about how to be successful with trading stocks and this competition gives them that opportunity.

Rockonomix was a great hit with students last year and it really helped those who seek alternative ways to learn an opportunity to get involved and fun with the concepts learnt in class.

What advice would you give to a first-year economics or personal finance teacher?
Keep it simple and focus on one aspect of economics that you can promote via Personal Finance. Use the FCEE resources to get students involved in competitions to make the course more fun and hands on.
Other ideas include:

  • Create an Economics Club to promote more participation for the whole school in these important personal finance activities.
  • Have students create fun and informative short clips on personal finance and air it via school tv to educate more students on personal finance

What do you like to do for fun outside of school?
Go biking, watch movies, participate in book clubs, spend time with my family and travel.

What’s one thing your students may not know about you?
That I can speak fluently in five languages :)