Financial Literacy Month 2015

Posted on March 20, 2014 at 4:40 pm
Need Fresh Material?


Students Begging for More Interactive Activities?


Well, you’re in Luck! The FCEE has designed an entire calendar filled with FREE resources to get you through April 2015, also known as, Financial Literacy Month!


The calendar below contains just a few of the ideas we have for you and your students. Contact the FCEE – 1-800-707-4247 or – or visit your local Center for Economic Education for even more FREE curriculum, lesson plans, tips & tricks for integrating personal finance and economics into your classes!








Financial Literacy Month

APRIL 2014










1 Free K-12 Resources: A great place to find lesson plans, videos & more is the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta 2 Invest in Yourself:Watch this wonderful video for all ages on investing in themselves – their human capital. 3 Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees:Find ways people earn money by visiting the CEE’s EconEdLink 4 Saving:  Learn all about saving the fun way!

Play the PBS Kids& Practical Money Skills Games

5 At Home:Looking for financial activities for families? Check out these parent guides from Financial Fitness for Life
6 Banks:  Need an interactive way to engage students at any level? Hands on Banking uses video games to teach banking skills! 7 Governor’s Awards Program:Teachers deserve recognition too! Apply Now to get your share of some great prizes! 8 Great K-12 Online Lessons:Visit EconEdLink for lessons and other resources.



9 Invest in EducationCheck out Executive Director Mike Bell’s blog post & then get more info about the Money Cour$e & how you can help! 10  Florida-Only: Check out CFO Atwater’s website Your Money Matter$ for fun games & tips to use in your class. 11 Allowance:Check out this School House Rock video on the subject of allowance.


12  Interest: Use this compound interest calculator to see how your money works for you.




13 Financial Freedom: Get a jumpstart on Fall 2014 by ordering your class set ofour FREE resource Financial Freedom today. 14 Ideas,Contests & Prizes: Find, Friend& Followthe FCEE for your chance to win great prizes all year long!  15 K-8 Tools: Have you heard about Sunny Money? It’s filled with ideas, texts, & links! 16 True Cost of Credit:How much does that new pair of shoes really cost using a credit card? Find out Here. 17   Investing:Learn about investing with fun activities from the CEE & KidsEconPosters 


18 Stocks: The Stock Market Challenge is FREE & runs each Fall & Spring to K-12 classes! 19   Get to know the Treasury:   TreasuryDirect Kids easily explains bonds & securities to all levels.
20   Video Resources: Stossel in the Classroom provides videos to supplement hundreds of lessons on economics. 21   Take Charge:Basic Financial Skills for elementary level lesson plans from Take Charge America. 22  Save the Murktide:Join the Gen-i Revolution! Check out these fun, online financial missions for grades 8-12.



23 HS Economics:Common Sense Economics talks about every high school student’s 2 favorite topics – Wealth & Prosperity! 24   Infographic Mania:      Mint has great tools for starting a discussion about financial literacy education in your district.


25   Competitions for students The FCEE provides FREE year-round competitions likeCODE& theFlorida EconChallengethroughout the year.


26 Even More FREE Resources! Finance in the Classroom offers  lessons by age group



27  Advertising:Learn to be Ad savvy with PBS Kids and AdMongo


28 Are You Ready for Some Football? Financial Football that is! 29       Secret      Millionaire’s Club: Join Warren Buffett in this animated video series that’s sure to inspire. 30 Professional Development:  Want to attend a FREE workshop or bring one to your district? Contact us & we’ll be glad to assist you!


For more resources, contact:Suzanne Costanza

FCEE Director of Programs and Communications