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Financial Freedom is a road map of the perilous highways and bi-ways of the personal finance world. Though the landscape has changed, success in navigating still remains an achievable goal. A person who attains financial freedom scales that summit by making sound choices, staying true to themselves, living within or even below their means, paying themselves first, and remaining devoted to a solid set of priorities. These principles have always been true; it’s just the world we apply them to has changed.

The recent housing bubble, the mountains of consumer debt, the rising cost and uncertainty around healthcare, the number of graduates returning to the nest with a suitcase full of college loans, and the ever increasing threat that even the best laid plans can be dashed from one cyber attack are enough to frighten anyone.

Financial Freedom, available as a student workbook or on CD, is designed to provide content for use within the classroom to improve students’ financial literacy skills while meeting the Next Generation Sunshine Standards and reinforcing FCAT tested skills.

It can be used as a text or supplement in a Financial Education class or as a self-study guide in the financial literacy component of an Economics or Financial Algebra class. It is appropriate for use from middle-school to adult education classes.

The Florida Council on Economic Education is thrilled to announce that copies of Financial Freedom are now available due to the generous support of Wells Fargo, AAA, Florida Blue, and Drummond Press.

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  • Managing Cash
  • Banking Basics
  • Job Searching
  • Consumer Credit and Debt
  • Acquiring an Automobile
  • Finding a Place to Live
  • Fraud & Identity Theft Protection
  • Managing Risk Through Healthy Choices
  • Planning for Higher Education

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