Competition Of Decision-making with Ethics

“There is only one ethics, one set of rules of morality, one code: That of
individual behavior in which the same rules apply to everyone alike,”
Peter Drucker

Teachers and Students Talk About CODE!

C.O.D.E. (Competition Of Decision-making with Ethics) combines students’ passion for the virtual world with educators’ need for educational lessons. We have worked with leading educators, ethicists, and business leaders to develop a unique interactive program that puts students on the front lines of a hypothetical business, where they have to make critical ethical and competitive decisions.

After a series of lessons and classroom instruction, students are presented with a dilemma, in which they make a series of key business and ethical resolutions. The dilemma is presented using Transmedia Storytelling, a technique of telling stories across multiple formats. Transmedia allows participants to become immersed in the story and interact with characters via videos, websites, emails, Facebook and Twitter. This cloud-based story engine manages all the characters and content, including plot developments, at pre-determined times or through specific keyword triggers by participants.

As in real life, the decisions the students made will have consequences for their business, themselves and their community. Students “role play” in teams of five, through the process of resolving their companies’ ethical and business decisions on video and various classroom assignments. Those videos are then judged by a panel of experts, and the top videos are then uploaded to YouTube for students, teachers, schools, parents, and the entire community to view the winning videos.

C.O.D.E. integrates economics and ethics using social media, one-on-one mentoring, and the Council for Economic Education’s textbook, Teaching the Ethical Foundations of Economics. The competition is geared toward high school students and adheres to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics, and Florida Essential Skills.

For more information please follow the links below or contact Suzanne Costanza, Director of Programs and Communications at:

The first 10 teachers to register their classes for the competition will receive a free copy of  Teaching the Ethical Foundations of Economics!

Teacher Registration

Registration Instructions

Welcome to the Competition Of Decision-making with Ethics (C.O.D.E.). We are so pleased you have decided to learn more about our program and consider bringing this very real topic to life for students in your classroom.

To begin the Teacher Registration process, please click HERE. First choose your school from the drop down list, the fill out your name and email address, and answer our three quick demographic questions. If your school is not listed in the drop down please contact us immediately so we can complete your registration. Within 72 hours of registration you will begin to receive emails from the Florida Council on Economic Education with more instructions and materials. Please keep an eye on both your inbox and your spam folder for these emails. You will also be invited to join our “GroupSpaces” account, which will allow interaction among all the educators participating.

Thank you and best of luck to you and your teams!

Suzanne Costanza, Director of Programs and Communications



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Business Partner Registration

Almost daily reports of business scandals leave students with the impression that cheating and unethical behaviors are commonplace in the business world. To counteract that impression, a business person partners with each class that participates in the CODE program. These Business Partners are an essential ingredient to the CODE program.

After the students have been introduced to the first few business ethics lesson in class, the Business Partner meets with the class during one class period to share with the students his or her business background and explain why ethics is important in the Business Partner’s workplace. Business Partners are asked to describe to the students a time when they were confronted with an ethical dilemma in their business and then explain how they resolved the dilemma. After the initial classroom meeting, the Business Partner is available to the students as a business mentor/coach for one hour a week over the next 4 weeks as the students work through the dilemma presented to them in the CODE competition. These coaching sessions can take place in person, by phone or even by Skyping with the students.

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