Financial Literacy Summit

Florida Council on Economic Education, The University of South Florida, The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, The Florida Bankers Association



Just as it was not possible to live in an industrialized society without print literacy – the ability to read and write – so it is not possible to live in today’s world without being financially literate.  To fully participate in society today, financial literacy is critical.”

-          Prof. Annamaria Lusardi, George Washington University

The Florida Council on Economic Education would like to thank everyone that helped make the 2013 Summit such a success. The entire program can be viewed here: Summit_Program


Monday August 12, 2013 – 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

University of South Florida’s Marshall Center, Tampa

Learn more about the critical need for financial literacy education for Florida’s secondary school students, the resources available to help school districts meet the challenge, and how other jurisdictions are succeeding in implementing effective personal finance education in their schools.

 Featured Speakers Included:
  • Pamela L. Stewart, Florida Commissioner of Education
  • Alberto Carvalho, Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent
  • Senator John Legg, Florida Senate Education Committee Chair
  • Rhea Law, Fowler, White, Boggs, P.A. CEO & Chair and Florida Council of 100 Vice Chair

The Florida Council on Economic Education  is an affiliate of the Council for Economic Education. The CEE trains educators to teach young people the fourth “R”—a real-world understanding of economics and personal finance—so that they will be able to make informed and responsible choices throughout their lives as consumers, savers, investors, citizens and participants in the global economy.